Psalter 404

Verse 1
Praise ye, praise ye the Lord
In yonder heav'nly height;
Ye angels, all His hosts,
In joyful praise unite;
O sun and moon, declare His might,
Show forth His praise, ye stars of light.

Verse 2
Praise Him, ye highest heav'ns,
Praise Him, ye clouds that roll,
Created by His pow'r
And under His control,
Ye heav'ns that stand eternally,
Established by His firm decree.

Verse 3
Ye creatures in the sea
And creatures on the earth,
Your mighty Maker praise
And tell His matchless worth;
Praise Him, ye stormy winds that blow,
Ye fire and hail, ye rain and snow.

Verse 4
Ye hills and mountains, praise,
Each tree and beast and bird;
Ye kings and realms of earth,
Now let your praise be heard;
By high and low, by young and old,
Be all His praise and glory told.

Verse 5
By all let God be praised,
For He alone is great;
Above the earth and heav'n
He reigns in glorious state;
Praise Him, ye saints, who know His grace
And ever dwell before His face.

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