Psalter 402

Verse 1
O sing ye Hallelujah!
'Tis good our God to praise;
'Tis pleasant and becoming
To Him our songs to raise;
He builds the walls of Zion,
He seeks her wand'ring sons,
He binds their wounds and comforts
The broken hearted ones.

Verse 2
The starry hosts He numbers,
He calls them all by name;
His greatness and His wisdom
His wondrous works proclaim;
The meek He lifts to honor
He humbles sinful pride;
Give thanks to Him and utter
His praises far and wide.

Verse 3
The heav'ns with clouds He covers,
He sends the cheering rain;
The slopes of all the mountains
He fills with grass and grain;
To beast and bird His goodness
Their daily food supplies;
He cares for all His creatures,
Attentive to their cries.

Verse 4
No human pow'r delights Him,
No earthly pomp or pride;
He loves the meek who fear Him
And in His love confide;
Then praise thy God, O Zion,
His gracious aid confess;
He gives thee peace and plenty,
His gifts thy children bless.

Verse 5
He sends His swift commandment,
And snow and ice enfold
The world, and none are able
To stand before His cold.
Again He gives commandment;
The winds of summer blow,
The snow and ice are melted,
Again the waters flow.

Verse 6
His statutes and His judgments
He makes His people know;
To them as to no others
His grace He loves to show;
For matchless grace and mercy
Your grateful praises bring;
To Him give thanks for ever,
And Hallelujah sing.

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