Psalter 396

Verse 1
The Lord is strong to help the weak,
Upholding those that fall,
Restoring those bowed down with grief,
And doing good to all.

Verse 2
Thy creatures look to Thee for food,
From day to day supplied,
And Thou dost for their sustenance
With open hand provide.

Verse 3
The Lord is right in all His ways,
His works His love declare,
And He is nigh to ev'ry one
That breathes the trustful prayer.

Verse 4
The hope of those that fear His Name
The Lord will satisfy;
Their mighty Saviour He will be
When unto Him they cry.

Verse 5
All those that set their love on Him
Shall full salvation know,
But wicked men and wicked ways
The Lord will overthrow.

Verse 6
My mouth shall bless the Lord my God
And all His praise proclaim;
Let all unite for evermore
To bless His holy Name.

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