Psalter 387

Verse 1
To God my earnest voice I raise,
To God my voice imploring prays;
Before His face my grief I show
And tell my trouble and my woe.

Verse 2
When gloom and sorrow compass me,
The path I take is known to Thee,
And all the toils that foes do lay
to snare Thy servant in his way.

Verse 3
All unprotected, lo, I stand,
No friendly guardian at my hand,
No place of flight or refuge near,
And none to whom my soul is dear.

Verse 4
O Lord, my Saviour, now to Thee,
Without a hope besides, I flee,
To Thee, my shelter form the strife,
My portion in the land of life.

Verse 5
Be Thou my help when troubles throng,
For I am weak and foes are strong;
My captive soul from prison bring,
And thankful praises I will sing.

Verse 6
The righteous then shall gather round
To share the blessing I have found,
Their hearts made glad because they see
How richly God has dealt with me.

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