Psalter 380

Verse 1
By Babel's riverside we sat in tears,
Rememb'ring Zion's pride in former years,
While on the weeping willows there were hung
The harps our grief had silenced and unstrung.

Verse 2
For they who led us there a captive throng
Required that we prepare for them a song;
Yea, there our captors asked for mirth and praise,
Required a song of Zion's happy days.

Verse 3
O how shall we thus sing at their command
Songs of the Lord, our King, in this strange land?
O Zion, if I e'er forget thy woe,
Let my right hand its skill no longer know.

Verse 4
Yea, let my tongue, I pray, all silent be,
If I do not always remember thee;
If I prefer not thee, though in thy grief,
Above all other joys my very chief.

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