Psalter 355

Verse 1
All who with heart confiding
Depend on God alone,
Like Zion's mount abiding,
Shall ne'er be overthrown.
Like Zion's city bounded
By guarding mountains broad,
His people are surrounded
Forever by their God.

Verse 2
No scepter of oppression
Shall hold unbroken sway,
Lest unto base transgression
The righteous turn away.
Thy favor be imparted
To godly men, O Lord;
Bless all that are purehearted,
The good with good reward.

Verse 3
The men who falsehood cherish,
Forsaking truth and right,
With wicked men shall perish,
God will their sin requite.
From sin Thy saints defending,
Their joy, O Lord, increase
With mercy never ending
And everlasting peace.

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