Psalter 348

Verse 1
With joy and gladness in my soul
I hear the call to prayer;
Let us go up to God's own house
And bow before Him there.

Verse 2
We stand within thy sacred walls,
O Zion, blest for aye,
Where-in the people of the Lord
United homage pay.

Verse 3
They come to learn Jehovah's will,
His mighty deeds to own,
For there is judgment's royal seat,
Messiah's kingly throne.

Verse 4
O pray that Zion may be blest
And have abundant peace,
For all that love thee in their hearts
Shall prosper and increase.

Verse 5
I pray the Lord that peace may still
Within thy walls abound,
And ever in thy palaces
Prosperity be found.

Verse 6
Yea, for the sake of friends and kin,
My heart desires thy peace,
And for the house of God the Lord
My care shall never cease.

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