Psalter 310

Verse 1
I love the Lord, for my request
And humble plea He makes His care;
In Him through life my faith shall rest,
For He both hears and answers prayer.

Verse 2
Brought nigh to death and full of grief,
The Lord's salvation I besought;
He heard my cry, He sent relief,
My soul from depths of woe He brought.

Verse 3
Most kind and righteous is the Lord,
Our God is merciful indeed,
Delighting ever to afford
His help to me in time of need.

Verse 4
Return unto they rest, my soul,
The Lord has richly dealt with thee,
Delivered thee from death's control,
From sin and sorrow set thee free.

Verse 5
Since He has freed my eyes from tears
And kept my feet from evil ways,
Redeemed from life's distressing fears,
With Him I walk, and Him I praise.

Verse 6
In my affliction and my pain,
When fears alarmed and hopes deceived,
I found all human helpers vain,
But in the Lord my soul believed.

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