Psalter 302

Verse 1
The Lord unto His Christ hath said,
In glory I enthrone Thee
Till all Thy foes, in triumph led,
Their sov'reign King shall own Thee;
From Zion shall Jehovah send
Thy scepter, till before Thee bend
The knees of proud rebellion.

Verse 2
Thy people will be gladly Thine
When Thou shalt come victorious,
In holy beauty Thou shalt shine,
Like morning fair and glorious;
The word of God shall not depart:
The King of Righteousness Thou art,
A Royal Priest forever.

Verse 3
The Lord at Thy right hand shall smite
Earth's kings in indignation,
And He shall judge with sov'reign right
Thro'out His wide creation;
While living streams His strength sustain,
The Christ the victory shall gain,
Head over all exalted.

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