Psalter 296

Verse 1
Springs and streams no longer bless
All the dry and thirsty land;
Fertile fields in verdant dress
God converts to desert sand;
For that they who dwell therein
Turn to wickedness and sin.

Verse 2
Once again the waters well,
All the desert blossoms fair;
There He makes the hungry dwell,
There a city they prepare,
Plant their vines and sow their fields,
And the earth her increase yields.

Verse 3
Now He blesses them indeed,
They are greatly multiplied;
On the hills their cattle feed,
Fast increasing, spreading wide;
Then again they are brought low
Through oppression, grief, and woe

Verse 4
His contempt the princes taste;
Driven out they helpless fly,
Wand'ring in the trackless waste;
But He lifts the needy high,
Where no evil shall annoy,
And with children gives him joy.

Verse 5
When His righteous judgments come,
Strong to bless and to destroy,
All iniquity is dumb,
All the righteous sing for joy;
Who Jehovah wisely heed,
In His works His mercy read.

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