Psalter 290

Verse 1
Praise ye the Lord, for He is good;
Give thanks and bless His Name;
His loving-kindness changes not,
From age to age the same.

Verse 2
What tongue can tell His mighty deeds,
His wondrous works and ways?
O who can show His glory forth,
Or utter all His praise?

Verse 3
The Lord will bless and prosper those,
Yea, blest indeed are they,
Whose ways are just, who constantly
His righteous law obey.

Verse 4
O Lord, remember me in grace,
Let me salvation see;
The grace Thou showest to Thy saints,
That grace reveal to me.

Verse 5
Let me behold Thy people's good
And in their joy rejoice;
With Thy triumphant heritage
Let me lift up my voice.

Verse 6
In evil we have gone astray,
And sinful is our race;
Rebelliously our fathers walked,
Forgetful of Thy grace.

Verse 7
Though they rebelled, yet for their help
In saving strength He came
To make His power almighty known
And glorify His Name.

Verse 8
He brought them safely through the sea
And overwhelmed their foes;
Their faith was stirred, and for the time
Their songs of praise arose.

Verse 9
Forgetful soon, they tempted God,
Nor for His counsel cared;
He sent them leanness in their souls,
Whilst they earth's bounties shared.Verse 10
With envy they regarded those
Whom God to them had sent;
The opening earth, the kindling flame,
Brought awful punishment.Verse 11
A golden image they adored,
And worshipped at its shrine;
Thus they despised the living God
And scorned His love divine.

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