Psalter 273

Verse 1
Thou, O Jehovah, shalt endure,
Thy throne forever is the same;
And to all generations sure
Shall be Thy great memorial Name.

Verse 2
The time for Zion's help is near,
The time appointed in Thy love;
O let Thy gracious aid appear,
Look Thou in mercy from above.

Verse 3
O Lord, regard the prayer of those
Who love the walls of Zion well,
Whose hearts are heavy for her woes,
Who sad amid her ruins dwell.

Verse 4
They pow'r and glory shall appear,
And Zion's walls shall be restored;
Then all the kings of earth shall fear
And heathen nations serve the Lord.

Verse 5
The Lord has heard and answered prayer
And saved His people in distress;
This to the coming age declare,
That they His holy Name may bless.

Verse 6
The Lord, exalted on His throne,
Looked down from heav'n with pitying eye
To still the lowly captive's moan
And saved His people doomed to die.

Verse 7
All men in Zion shall declare
His gracious Name with one accord,
When kings and nations gather there
To serve and worship God the Lord.

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