Psalter 249

Verse 1
Because thy trust is God alone,
Thy refuge is the Highest One,
No evil shall upon thee come,
Nor plague approach thy guarded home.

Verse 2
Angelic guards at His commands
Will bear thee safely in their hands,
Will keep thee, lest, if left alone,
Thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Verse 3
Though fierce and treach'rous foes assail,
Their pow'r and wrath shall nor prevail;
Their cruel strength, their venomed spite,
Thou shalt o'ercome with conqu'ring might.

Verse 4
Because on Me he set his love,
I will his constant Saviour prove,
And since to him My Name is known,
I will exalt him as My own.

Verse 5
As oft as he shall call on Me,
Most gracious shall My answer be;
I will be with him in distress,
And in his trouble I will bless.

Verse 6
Complete deliverance I will give,
And honor him while he shall live;
Abundant life I will bestow,
To him My full salvation show.

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