Psalter 236

Verse 1
By all whom Thou hast made
Be praise and worship paid
Thro' earth abroad;
Thy Name be glorified,
There us none great beside,
Matchless Thy works abide,
For Thou art God

Verse 2
Help me Thy will to do,
Thy truth I will pursue,
Teach me to fear;
Give me the single eye
Thy Name to glorify,
O Lord, my God Most High,
With heart sincere.

Verse 3
How great Thy love appears
That bade death's gloomy fears
No more dismay;
O God, to anger slow,
Save me from ev'ry foe,
Thy loving kindness show,
Thy truth display.

Verse 4
Show me Thy mercy true,
Thy servant's strength renew,
Deliv'rance send;
To me Thy goodness show,
Thy comfort, Lord, bestow;
Let those that hate me know
Thou art my friend.

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