Psalter 230

Verse 1
Lord, Thou hast greatly blessed our land,
Thou hast brought back our captive band,
The pard'ning grace has made us free
And covered our iniquity.

Verse 2
O Thou, Who in a former day
Didst turn Thy dreadful wrath away,
In grace Thy people, Lord, return,
And let Thy wrath no longer burn.

Verse 3
O will Thy anger never cease,
Forever shall Thy wrath increase?
Revive and quicken us once more,
And Thy salvation's joy restore.

Verse 4
To us Thy mercy now afford
And show us Thy salvation, Lord;
Yea, Thou wilt answer us in peace,
If from our folly we will cease.

Verse 5
The Lord's salvation will appear
To men of faith and godly fear,
And glory in our land shall dwell
When we shall heed God's precepts well.

Verse 6
Now truth agrees with mercy mild,
Now law and peace are reconciled;
Behold the truth from earth arise,
With justice shining from the skies.

Verse 7
The Lord will send His blessing down,
And harvests all our land shall crown;
Before Him righteousness abides,
And in His steps our feet He guides.

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