Psalter 226

Verse 1
O Lord of Hosts, to Thee I cry,
Our fathers' God, to Thee;
Let my petition reach Thy ear,
My prayer accepted be;
O God our shield, look Thou on us,
Reveal Thyself in grace,
And let Thy own anointed one
Behold Thee face to face.

Verse 2
A single day within Thy courts,
Where I Thy beauty see,
Is better than a thousand days,
My God, apart from Thee.
A lowly station in Thy house
Were dearer to my heart
Than in the tents of wickedness
To claim the chiefest part.

Verse 3
A sun and shield is God, the Lord,
To lighten and defend;
The Lord to such as look to Him
Will grace and glory send;
To those that walk in righteousness
No good will He deny;
O Lord of Hosts, how blest are they
Who on Thy grace rely.

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