Psalter 224

Verse 1
O god, no longer hold Thy peace,
No longer silent be;
Thy enemies lift up their head
To fight Thy saints and Thee.

Verse 2
Against Thy own, whom Thou dost love,
Their craft Thy foes employ;
They think to cut Thy people off,
Thy Church they would destroy.

Verse 3
Thy ancient foes, conspiring still,
With one consent agree,
And they who with Thy people strive
Make war, O God, with Thee.

Verse 4
O God, Who in our fathers' time
Didst smite our foes and Thine,
So smite Thy enemies today
Who in their pride combine.

Verse 5
Make them like dust and stubble blown
Before the whirlwind dire,
In terror driv'n before the storm
Of Thy consuming fire.

Verse 6
Confound them in their sin till they
To Thee for pardon fly,
Till in dismay they trembling own
That Thou art God Most High.

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