Psalter 215

Verse 1
O come, my people, to my law
Attentively give ear;
With willing heart and teachable
The words of wisdom hear.

Verse 2
My mouth shall speak in parables
Of hidden truths of old,
Which, handed down from age to age,
To us our fathers told.

Verse 3
We will not from their children hide
Jehovah's worthy praise,
But tell the greatness of His strength,
His wondrous works and ways.

Verse 4
A testimony and a law
The Lord our God decreed,
And bade our fathers teach their sons,
That they His ways might heed.

Verse 5
He willed that each succeeding race
His deeds might learn and know,
That children's children to their sons
Might all these wonders show.

Verse 6
Let children learn God's righteous ways
And on Him stay their heart,
That they may not forget His works
Nor from His ways depart.

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