Psalter 210

Verse 1
To God will I direct my prayer,
And He will make my needs His care;
I trust Him still, though in my grief
No answer yet has brought relief;
With hands stretched out through all the night,
Uncomforted I sought for light.

Verse 2
The thought of God brought me no peace,
But rather made my fears increase;
With sleepless eyes and speechless pain
My fainting spirit grieved in vain;
The blessedness of long ago
Made deeper still my present woe.

Verse 3
Recalling days when faith was bright,
When songs of gladness filled my night,
I pondered o'er my grievous woes
And searching questioning arose:
Will God cast off, and nevermore
His favor to my soul restore?

Verse 4
I asked in fear and bitterness,
Will God forsake me in distress?
Shall I His promise faithless find?
Has God forgotten to be kind?
Has He in anger hopelessly
Removed His love and grace from me?

Verse 5
These doubts and fears that troubled me
Were born of my infirmity;
Tho' I am weak, God is most high,
And on His goodness I rely;
Of all His wonders I will tell,
And on His deeds my tho'ts shall dwell.

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