Psalter 206

Verse 1
To Thee, O God, we render thanks,
To Thee give thanks sincere,
Because Thy wondrous works declare
That Thou art ever near.

Verse 2
Thy righteous judgment, Thou hast said,
Shall in due time appear,
And Thou Who didst establish it
Wilt fill the earth with fear.

Verse 3
Thou teachest meekness to the proud,
And makest sinners know
That none is judge but God alone,
To honor or bring low.

Verse 4
Jehovah holds a cup of wrath,
And holds it not in vain,
For all the wicked of the earth
Its bitter dregs shall drain.

Verse 5
The God of Israel I will praise
And all His glory show;
The righteous He will high exalt
And bring the wicked low.

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