Psalter 199

Verse 1
His saints shall live, and to the King
Rich gifts in tribute shall be paid;
His praises men shall ever sing,
For Him shall endless prayer be made.

Verse 2
Abundant fields for harvest white
Already wave in ev'ry land,
And Zion's citizens delight
And prosper in their King's command.

Verse 3
His Name shall evermore abide,
In Him shall all the world be blest;
By all the nations far and wide
His praise shall ever be confessed.

Verse 4
Now blessed be the Mighty One,
Jehovah, God of Israel,
For He alone has wonders done,
And deeds in glory that excel.

Verse 5
And blessed be His glorious Name,
Long as the ages shall endure;
O'er all the earth extend His fame.
Amen, Amen, for evermore.

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