Psalter 194

Verse 1
His wide dominion shall extend
From sea to utmost sea,
And unto earth's remotest bounds
His peaceful rule shall be.

Verse 2
The tribes that in the desert dwell
Shall bow before His throne;
His enemies shall be subdued,
And He shall rule alone.

Verse 3
The kings shall come from distant lands
And islands of the sea;
Oblations they shall bring to Him
And wait on bended knee.

Verse 4
Yea, all the kings shall bow to Him,
His rule all nations hail;
He will regard the poor man's cry
When other helpers fail.

Verse 5
The poor and needy He shall spare,
And save their souls from fear;
He shall redeem them from all wrong,
Their life to Him is dear.

Verse 6
So they shall live, and bring to Him
Their gifts of finest gold;
For Him shall constant prayer be made,
His praise each day be told.

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