Psalter 193

Verse 1
O God, to Thy Anointed King
Give truth and righteousness;
Thy people He will justly judge
And give the poor redress.

Verse 2
Then ev'ry fruitful mountain side
Shall yield its rich increase,
And righteousness in all the land
Shall bear the fruit of peace.

Verse 3
The poor man's cause He will maintain,
The needy He will bless,
And He will break the strength of those
Who would the poor oppress.

Verse 4
So men shall fear Thee while the sun
In daily splendor glows,
And through all ages, while the moon
On earth its light bestows.

Verse 5
Like rain upon the new mown grass,
That falls refreshingly,
Like gentle show'rs that cheer the earth,
So shall His coming be.

Verse 6
The righteous in His glorious day
Shall flourish and increase;
The earth, until the moon shall fade,
Shall have abundant peace.

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