Psalter 190

Verse 1
In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust;
Shamed let me never be;
O save me in Thy righteousness,
Give ear, and rescue me,
Give ear, and rescue me.

Verse 2
Be Thou my rock, my dwelling place,
Forever mine, as now;
Salvation Thou hast willed for me,
My rock and fortress, Thou,
My rock and fortress, Thou.

Verse 3
Deliver me from wicked hands,
Save me from men unjust,
For Thou, Jehovah, art my hope,
From youth Thou art my trust,
From youth Thou art my trust.

Verse 4
Thou hast upheld me in Thy grace
From childhood's early days;
To Thee from Whom I life received
Will I give constant praise,
Will I give constant praise.

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