Psalter 186

Verse 1
Though I am poor and sorrowful,
Hear Thou, O God, my cry;
Let Thy salvation come to me
And lift me up on high.

Verse 2
Then will I praise my God with song,
To Him my thanks shall rise.
And this shall please Jehovah more
Than offered sacrifice.

Verse 3
The meek shall see it and rejoice,
Ye saints, no more be sad;
For lo, Jehovah hears the poor
And makes His pris'ners glad.

Verse 4
Let heav'n and earth and seas rejoice,
Let all therein give praise,
For Zion God will surely save,
Her broken walls will raise.

Verse 5
In Zion they that love His name
Shall dwell from age to age;
Yea, there shall be their lasting rest,
Their children's heritage.

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