Psalter 183

Verse 1
O Lord, Thou hast ascended
On high in might to reign;
Captivity Thou leadest
A captive in Thy train.
Rich gifts to Thee are offered
By men who did rebel,
Who pray that now Jehovah
Their God with them may dwell.

Verse 2
Blest be the Lord Who daily
Our heavy burden bears;
The God of our salvation
Who for His people cares.
Our God is near to help us,
Our God is strong to save;
The Lord alone is able
To ransom from the grave.

Verse 3
Sing unto God, ye nations,
Ye kingdoms of the earth;
Sing unto God, all people,
And praise His matchless worth.
He rides in royal triumph
Upon the heav'ns abroad;
He speaks, the mountains tremble
Before the voice of God.

Verse 4
All glory, might, and honor
Ascribe to God on high;
His arm protects His people
Who on His pow'r rely.
Forth from Thy holy dwelling
Thy awful glories shine;
Thou strengthenest Thy people;
Unending praise be Thine.

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