Psalter 168

Verse 1
Before Thee, Lord, a people waits
To praise Thy Name in Zion's gates,
To Thee shall vows be paid;
Thou hearer of the suppliant's prayer,
To Thee in need shall all repair
To seek Thy gracious aid.

Verse 2
How great my trespasses appear,
But Thou from guilt my soul wilt clear,
And my transgressions hide.
How blest Thy chosen, who by grace
Are bro't within Thy dwelling place
That they may there abide.

Verse 3
The goodness of Thy house, O Lord,
The joys Thy holy courts afford,
Our souls shall satisfy;
By deeds of might, in justice wrought,
The Lord will grant us what we sought,
Our Saviour, God Most High.

Verse 4
On Thy sustaining arm depend,
To earth's and sea's remotest end,
All men in ev'ry age;
Thy strength establishes the hills,
Thy word the roaring billows stills,
And calms the peoples' rage.

Verse 5
The tribes of earth's remotest lands
Behold the tokens of Thy hands
And bow in godly fear;
The east, where beams the morning light,
The west, in evening glories bright,
Rejoice, for Thou art near.

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