Psalter 166

Verse 1
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee,
And unto Thee shall vows be paid;
O Thou that hearest those who cry,
To Thee by all shall prayer be made.

Verse 2
Against us sin has battled hard;
For help we look to Thee and pray;
Thou our transgressions wilt forgive,
Yea, Thou wilt take them all away.

Verse 3
How blest are they whom Thou dost choose
To come and in Thy courts abide;
Communing in Thy holy house,
With good we shall be satisfied.

Verse 4
By mighty deeds in righteousness
Prayer's answer surely comes from Thee,
O God our Saviour, God the trust
Of all Thy saints on land or sea.

Verse 5
Thy power has set the mountains firm,
O God Almighty, girt with strength;
At Thy command the waves are still,
The nations cease from war at length.

Verse 6
The tokens of Thy mighty power
Lead men in every clime to fear;
From east to west through all the earth
Thou sendest gladness far and near.

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