Psalter 159

Verse 1
O God, regard my humble plea;
I cannot be so far from Thee
But Thou wilt hear my cry;
When I by trouble am distressed,
Then lead me on the Rock to rest
That higher is than I.

Verse 2
In Thee my soul hath shelter found,
And Thou hast been from foes around
The tow'r to which I flee,
Within Thy house will I abide;
My refuge sure, whate'er betide,
Thy shelt'ring wings shall be.

Verse 3
For Thou, O God, my vows hast heard,
On me the heritage conferred
Of those that fear Thy Name;
A blest anointing Thou dost give,
And Thou wilt make me ever live
Thy praises to proclaim.

Verse 4
Before Thy face shall I abide;
O God, Thy truth and grace provide
To guard me in the way;
So I will make Thy praises known,
And, humbly bending at Thy throne,
My vows will daily pay.

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