Psalter 157

Verse 1
Protect and save me, O my God,
From foes that seek my life.
And set me high, secure above
The rising tide of strife.

Verse 2
The workers of iniquity
Against me lie in wait;
Tho' I am innocent, O Lord,
They gather in their hate.

Verse 3
Behold their wickedness, O Lord,
To help me, O awake;
Lord God of Hosts, Thou, Israel's God,
Arise, and vengeance take.

Verse 4
My enemies with deadly rage
Renew their fierce attack;
They think the Lord will not regard,
But Thou wilt turn them back.

Verse 5
O God, my strength, on Thee I wait,
To Thee for refuge flee;
My God with mercy will defend,
Triumphant I shall be.

Verse 6
O God, our shield, let wickedness
And pride be put to shame.
Till all shall know that Thou dost rule
And all shall fear Thy Name.

Verse 7
Let wickedness that raged in power
Now rage in impotence;
But I will glory in Thy strength,
My refuge and defense.

Verse 8
When all the night of woe is past
And morning dawns at length,
Then I shall praise Thy grace, O God,
My refuge and my strength.

Verse 9
To Thee, O God most merciful,
My thankful song I raise;
My might, my strong, secure abode,
I will proclaim Thy praise.

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