Psalter 139

Verse 1
The mighty God, the Lord,
Has spoken unto all;
From rising to the setting sun
The nations hear His call.

Verse 2
From Zion His abode,
Where perfect beauty dwells,
The Lord His glory has displayed
In brightness that excels.

Verse 3
Our God shall surely come,
Nor silence shall He keep;
Devouring fire shall herald Him,
About Him storms shall sweep.

Verse 4
Then to the heav'ns above
He from His throne shall call,
The earth His kingly voice shall hear,
He is the Judge of all.

Verse 5
Let all My chosen saints
Before Me gathered be,
Those that by sacrifice have sealed
Their promise unto Me.

Verse 6
Then shall the heavens declare
His righteousness abroad,
Because the Lord Himself is Judge,
Yea, none is Judge but God.

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