Psalter 132

Verse 1
Within Thy temple's sacred courts,
With loving and adoring tho't,
We contemplate Thy grace, O God,
And all Thy deeds with mercy fraught.

Verse 2
Where'er Thy Name, O God, is known,
Where'er Thy glorious fame extends,
There also is Thy praise proclaimed,
Far as the earth's remotest ends.

Verse 3
Thy hand is full of righteousness;
Let Zion's gladness then be great,
And let her daughters sing for joy
And all Thy judgments celebrate.

Verse 4
Encompass Zion, count her tow'rs,
And mark her strong defenses well;
Consider all her palaces,
And to your sons her glory tell.

Verse 5
This mighty God forever lives
Our God and Saviour to abide,
And till our pilgrim days shall end
Will ever be our faithful guide.

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