Psalter 124

Verse 1
My heart doth overflow,
A goodly theme is mine;
My eager tongue with joyful song
Doth praise the King Divine.

Verse 2
Supremely fair Thou art,
Thy lips with grace o'erflow;
His richest blessings evermore
Doth God on Thee bestow.

Verse 3
Now gird Thee with Thy sword,
O strong and mighty One,
In splendid majesty array
More glorious than the sun.

Verse 4
Triumphantly ride forth
For meekness, truth, and right;
Thy arm shall gain the victory
In wondrous deeds of might.

Verse 5
Thy strength shall overcome
All those that hate the King,
And under Thy dominion strong
The nations Thou shalt bring.

Verse 6
Thy royal throne, O God,
For evermore shall stand;
Eternal truth and justice wield
The sceptre in Thy hand.

Verse 7
Since Thou art sinless found,
The Lord, Thy God confessed,
Anointeth Thee with perfect joy,
Thou art supremely blest.

Verse 8
Thy garments breathe of myrrh
And spices sweet and rare;
Glad strains of heavenly music ring
Throughout Thy palace fair.

Verse 9
Amid Thy glorious train
King's daughters waiting stand,
And fairest gems bedeck Thy bride,
The queen at Thy right hand.

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