Psalter 108

Verse 1
I waited for the Lord my God,
Yea patiently drew near,
And He at length inclined to me,
My pleading cry to hear.

Verse 2
He took me from destruction's pit,
From out the miry clay;
He set my feet upon a rock,
And steadfast made my way.

Verse 3
A new and joyful song of praise
My thankful heart He taught,
A song of glory to our God
For all that He has wrought.

Verse 4
And many who behold how good
The Lord has been to me
Shall learn to fear, and in His Name
Their trust hence forth shall be.

Verse 5
O truly blessed is the man
That on the Lord relies,
Shall learn to fear, and in His Name
Their trust henceforth shall be.

Verse 6
O Lord my God, how manifold
The works which Thou hast wrought,
Ofttimes Thou hast bestowed on us
Thy care and gracious thought.

Verse 7
Thy works and thoughts most wonderful,
If I of them would speak,
Cannot be numbered, and in vain
To set them forth I seek.
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