Psalter 106

Verse 1
What wait I for but Thee?
My hope is in Thy Name;
From all my sins deliver me,
Nor put my soul to shame.

Verse 2
I suffered silently,
Because Thy will is best;
Remove Thy heavy stroke from me,
For I am sore distressed.

Verse 3
When sin Thou dost repay
And chasten and restrain,
Man's beauty quickly fades away;
Yea, human life is vain.

Verse 4
O Lord, regard my fears,
And answer my request;
Turn not in silence from my tears,
But give the mourner rest.

Verse 5
I am a stranger here,
Dependent on Thy grace,
A pilgrim, as my fathers were,
With no abiding place.

Verse 6
O spare me and restore
My failing strength, I pray;
Ere I go hence and be no more.
The hand of judgment stay.

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