Psalter 98

Verse 1
The good man's steps are led aright,
His way is pleasing in God's sight,
Established it shall stand;
He shall not perish though he fall,
The mighty Lord who rules o'er all
Upholds him with His hand.

Verse 2
Though I am old who young have been,
No saint have I forsaken seen,
Nor yet his home in need;
He ever lends in gracious ways,
His life true charity displays,
His sons are blest indeed.

Verse 3
Depart from evil, do thou well,
And evermore securely dwell;
Jehovah loves the right.
His faithfulness His saints have proved.
Forever they shall stand unmoved,
But sinners God will smite.

Verse 4
The righteous, through His favoring hand,
Shall yet inherit all the land
And dwell therein for aye;
He talks of wisdom and of right,
In God's pure law is his delight,
His steps go not astray.

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