Psalter 91

Verse 1
God guards the good with watchful eye,
His ear attentive to their cry,
Against the wicked sets His face,
From earth their memory to erase.

Verse 2
The righteous cry, Jehovah hears,
And rescues them from all their fears;
The Lord draws night to broken hearts,
To contrite spirits help imparts.

Verse 3
Afflictions on the good must fall,
But God will bring them safe thro' all;
From harmful stroke He will defend,
And sure and full deliverance send.

Verse 4
By evil are the evil slain,
The hope of sinful men is vain;
The wicked, who the righteous hate,
Their condemnation shall be great.

Verse 5
The Lord redemption will provide
For all who in His grace confide;
From condemnation they are clear
Who trust in Him with holy fear.

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