Psalter 90

Verse 1
The Lord I will at all times bless,
My mouth His praises shall express;
In Him shall all my boasting be,
While all the meek rejoice with me.

Verse 2
O magnify the Lord with me,
Let us to praise His Name agree;
I sought the Lord, He answered me,
And from my fears He set me free.

Verse 3
Who look to Him shall walk in light,
With joy their faces shall be bright.
Distressed, they cried; the Lord arose
And saved them out of all their woes.

Verse 4
Around His saints as watch and ward
Encamps the angel of the Lord;
That God is good, O taste and see,
Who trusts in Him shall blessed be.

Verse 5
Fear Him, ye saints and do His will,
And all your needs He will fulfill,
Tho' beasts of forest lack their food,
Those seeking God shall want no good.

Verse 6
Ye children, come and hear my voice,
And learn to make God's fear your choice;
Who seek long life and happy days
Must learn to walk in wisdom's ways.

Verse 7
Who fears the Lord must keep his tongue
From evil and his lips from wrong,
Must do the good, from evil cease,
And ever seek and follow peace.

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