Psalter 89

Verse 1
Ye children, come, give ear to me
And learn Jehovah's fear;
He who would long and happy live,
Let him my counsel hear.

Verse 2
Restrain thy lips from speaking guile,
From wicked speech depart,
From evil turn and do the good,
Seek peace with all thy heart.

Verse 3
Jehovah's eyes are on the just,
He hearkens to their cry;
Against the wicked sets His face,
Their very name shall die.

Verse 4
The Lord may suffer many griefs
Upon the just to fall,
But He will bring them safely through,
Deliv'ring them from all.

Verse 5
By evil are the evil slain,
And they that hate the just;
But all His servants God redeems,
And safe in Him they trust.

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