Psalter 80

Verse 1
In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust,
I call upon Thy Name;
O save me in Thy righteousness,
Nor let my suffer shame.

Verse 2
Bow down Thy ear to my request,
And swift deliv'rance send;
Be Thou to me a rock of strength,
A fortress to defend.

Verse 3
Since Thou my rock and fortress art,
My leader be, and guide;
From all temptation rescue me,
Thou dost my strength abide.

Verse 4
To Thee my spirit I commend;
Redemption is with Thee,
O Thou Jehovah, God of truth,
Who hast delivered me.

Verse 5
I hate all those that love the false,
My trust is in the Lord;
I will be glad, and joyfully
Thy mercy will record.

Verse 6
For my affliction Thou hast seen,
And known my many woes;
But freed me from my foes.
Thou hast not let me be enslaved,

Verse 7
Show mercy, Lord, to me distressed,
And send my soul relief;
My life is spent with bitterness,
My strength consumed with grief.

Verse 8
I mourn and fail because of sin,
Friends turn in dread away;
Reproached am I and terrified,
While foes conspire to slay.

Verse 9
But, Lord, in Thee is all my trust,
Thou art my God, I cried;
My life, my times are in Thy hand,
I in Thy strength confide.

Verse 10
From all that persecute my soul
Thy gracious help I crave;
O smile upon Thy servant, Lord,
And in thy mercy save.

Verse 11
Let me not be ashamed, O Lord,
I plead with Thee to save;
But let the wicked be ashamed,
And silent in the grave.

Verse 12
Yea, let their lips henceforth be mute
Who words of falsehood seek,
The lips which contempt and pride
Against the righteous speak.

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