Psalter 70

Verse 1
Judge my integrity,
The righteous judge Thou art;
Prove me, O Lord, examine me.
And try my inmost heart.

Verse 2
Thy mercy and Thy grace
I love to contemplate;
Thy paths of truth my footsteps trace,
And wicked men I hate.

Verse 3
Clean hands, O Lord, I raise
As I Thy altars seek,
Where I may sing in grateful praise,
And of Thy wonders speak.

Verse 4
O Lord, Thy house I love,
Where glory dwells within;
O keep my heart secure above
All fellowship with sin.

Verse 5
Redeeming love and grace
Bestow, O Lord, on me;
Among Thy saints how blest my place,
Forever praising Thee.

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