Psalter 69

Verse 1
Be Thou my judge, O righteous Lord,
Try Thou my inmost heart;
I walk with steadfast trust in Thee,
Nor from Thy ways depart.

Verse 2
O search me, Lord, and prove me now;
Thy mercy I adore;
I choose Thy truth to be my guide,
And sinful ways abhor.

Verse 3
My hands I wash in innocence
And seek thy altar, Lord,
That there I may with thankful voice
Thy wondrous works record.

Verse 4
The habitation of Thy house
Is ever my delight;
The place where dwells Thy glory, Lord,
Is lovely in my sight.

Verse 5
Let not the judgment fall on me
For evil men decreed,
For cruel men and violent,
Inspired by bribes and greed.

Verse 6
But I in my integrity
Will humbly walk with Thee;
O my Redeemer and my Lord,
Be merciful to me.

Verse 7
Redeemed by Thee, I stand secure
In peace and happiness;
And in the Church, among Thy saints,
Jehovah I will bless.

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