Psalter 52

Verse 1
Thou, Jehovah, art my Shepherd,
Therefore I no want shall know;
In green pastures Thou dost rest me,
Leadest when still waters flow,
And, when fainting,
Sweet refreshment dost bestow.

Verse 2
For Thy Name's sake Thou dost guide me
In the paths of righteousness;
Tho' I walk the vale of shadows,
Fears no more my soul oppress;
Thou are with me,
With Thy rod and staff to bless.

Verse 3
Thou preparest me a table
In the presence of the foe;
Thou my head with oil anointest,
Yea, my cup doth overflow.
O my Saviour,
Having Thee, no want I know.

Verse 4
Surely grace and lovingkindness
Shall forever follow me,
Till, my days of life all ended,
Evermore my home shall be,
O Jehovah,
In Thy holy house with Thee.

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