Psalter 50

Verse 1
Come, ye that fear Jehovah,
Ye saints, your voices raise;
Come, stand in awe before Him,
And sing His glorious praise.
Ye lowly and afflicted
Who on His work rely,
Your heart shall live forever,
The Lord will satisfy.

Verse 2
All kindreds of the nations
To Christ the Lord shall turn,
Thro' earth's remotest regions
His alterfires shall burn.
All kingdom, pow'r, and glory
Belong to Him alone;
He ruleth o'er the nations,
Kings bow before His throne.

Verse 3
Both high and low shall worship,
Both strong and weak shall bend,
A faithful Church shall serve Him
Till generations end.
His praise shall be recounted
To nations yet to be,
The triumphs of His justice
A newborn world shall see.

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