Psalter 37

Verse 1
The spacious heav'ns declare
The glory of our God,
The firmament displays....
His handiwork abroad;
Day unto day proclaims His might,
And night His wisdom tells to night.

Verse 2
Aloud they do not speak,
They utter forth no word,
Nor into language break,...
Their voice is never heard;
Yet through the world the truth they bear
And their Creator's pow'r declare.

Verse 3
The clouds of heav'n are spread,
A tent to hold the sun,
And like a bridegroom fair....
Comes forth the mighty one,
Rejoicing in his strength and grace
To end his wondrous daily race.

Verse 4
His daily going forth
Is from the end of heav'n;
The firmament to him....
Is for his circuit giv'n;
His journey reaches to its ends,
And ev'rywhere his heat extends.

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