Psalter 35

Verse 1
Since with my God with perfect heart
I walk and make His word my guide,
And from iniquity depart,
The Lord His blessing will provide.

Verse 2
The merciful shall know Thy grace,
The perfect Thy perfection see,
The pure shall see Thy won pure face,
The forward find a foe in Thee.

Verse 3
To smite the proud and bring them low,
To save the poor is thy delight.
The Lord will cause my lamp to glow,
My God will make my darkness light.

Verse 4
From God the vict'ry I receive;
Most perfect is His holy way;
His word is tried, they who believe
Will find the Lord their shield and stay.

Verse 5
For who is God, and strong to save,
Beside the Lord, our God of might?
'Tis He that makes me strong and brave
The Lord Who guides my steps aright.

Verse 6
Thy free salvation is my shield,
My sure defense in every strait;
Thy hand upholds me, lest I yield;
Thy gentleness has made me great.

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