Psalter 33

Verse 1
Lord, hear the right, attend my cry,
And to my prayer give ear,
My prayer that riseth unto Thee
From heart and lips sincere.

Verse 2
I shunned the ways of wicked men,
For I Thy word obey;
Upon Thy paths my steps held fast,
My feet slipped not away.

Verse 3
On Thee, O God, again I call,
For Thou wilt answer me;
Incline Thy ear and hear the prayer
That I direct to Thee.

Verse 4
Thy wondrous lovingkindness show,
Thou Who by Thy right hand
Defendest those who trust in Thee
From all who them withstand.

Verse 5
Soon I in glorious righteousness
Shall see Thee as Thou art;
Thy likeness, Lord, when I awake
Shall satisfy my heart.

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