Psalter 26

Verse 1
Who, O Lord, shall dwell with Thee
In the temple of Thy grace?
Who Thy constant guest shall be
In Thy high and holy place?

Verse 2
He who walks in righteousness,
All his actions just and clear;
He whose words the truth express,
Spoken from a heart sincere.

Verse 3
He to whom does not belong
Tongue of malice or deceit;
Who will not his neighbor wrong,
Nor a slanderous tale repeat.

Verse 4
Who the wicked man will spurn,
Honor those that fear the Lord;
Nor will from his promise turn
Tho' but loss be his reward.

Verse 5
Who no usury will claim,
Nor with bribes pollute his hand:
He who thus his life shall frame
Shall unmoved forever stand.

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