Psalter 23

Verse 1
The God Who sits enthroned on high
The foolish in their heart deny;
Not one does good; corrupt in tho't,
Unrighteous works their hands have wrought.

Verse 2
From heav'n the Lord with searching eye
Looked down the sons of men to try,
To see of any understood
And sought for God, the only good.

Verse 3
From righteousness they all depart,
Corrupt are all, and vile in heart;
Yea, ev'ry man has evil done;
Not one does good, not even one.

Verse 4
Has knowledge with the wicked failed,
That they My people have assailed,
That they delight in works of shame,
And call not on Jehovah's Name?

Verse 5
Thy lowly servant they despise,
Because he on the Lord relies;
But they shall tremble yet in fear,
For to the righteous God is near.

Verse 6
O that from Zion His abode
Salvation were on us bestowed!
When God His exiles shall restore,
They shall in song His grace adore.

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