Psalter 21

Verse 1
O Lord, be Thou my helper true,
For just and godly men are few;
The faithful who can find?
From truth and wisdom men depart,
With flatt'ring lips and double heart
They speak their evil mind.

Verse 2
The lips that speak, the truth to hide,
The tongues of arrogance and pride,
That boastful words employ,
False-speaking tongues that boast their might,
That own no law, that know no right,
Jehovah will destroy.

Verse 3
Because the poor are sore oppressed,
Because the needy are distressed,
And bitter are their cries,
The Lord will be their helper strong;
To save them from contempt and wrong
Jehovah will arise.

Verse 4
Jehovah's promises are sure,
His words are true, His words are pure
As silver from the flame.
Tho' base men walk on ev'ry side,
His saints are safe, what-e'er betide,
Protected by His Name.

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